Micro USB Cables

Not all Micro USB Cables can charge your phone or table properly. A lot of the cheap chinese micro usb cables cannot deliver enough power to your phone to charge it. That is exactly why Panda has made this list of cheap chinese Micro USB Cables so you know what cable you have to buy!

Choose the cable with the highest Amax current and the perfect length for you.

Brand Name Amax (current) Length (cm)
OLDSHARK Flat Micro USB 2.0 Data Charging Cable w/ Rubber Shell for Android Devices 0.66 100
? MICRO-5 USB 2.0 to Micro USB Data / Charging Nylon Cable - Red 0.43 300
? USB Male to Micro USB Male Data / Charging Cable for Samsung I9100 / I9000 / I9220 / I9300 0.36 100
? USB Male to Micro USB Male Charging/Data Cable 0.15 100
? Micro USB 2.0 Charging & Data Cable 0.15 80